What We Do

About Sentera

We deliver time-sensitive agricultural insights that optimize decisions and improve outcomes. Our products make it easy to integrate in-field data insights with the digital ag platforms in use by more than 80% of the growers in North America. Our integrated software and sensor products deliver fast, accurate information that improves outcomes for growers, advisors and downstream customers.

The Sentera Difference

Sentera engineers an integrated set of software and sensor tools from the ground up to enable ag professionals to gather accurate and precise on-field information. The data products can then be integrated with the digital platforms that crop advisors, consultants, agronomists, and other ag professionals use to help growers achieve the best possible outcomes for their operations.

Our FieldAgent software platform is the easy-to-use, elegant hub that unifies our product line — mobile, web, and cloud-based software, sensors, and drones — behind a user experience that’s powerful and elegant. A single mobile app manages the entire data collection process in just a few taps, from flight planning to sensor management. The same simple process can be used whether a customer is using an entry-level sensor with a low-cost drone, or our most sophisticated equipment and analytics on an industrial UAV platform.

FieldAgent’s web, desktop, and mobile tools provide on-field and cloud-based data visualization, exploitation, sharing, and collaboration tools. FieldAgent’s data repository and APIs set the industry standard for simplified integration of sophisticated measures of crop performance. Sentera offers integration support for virtually every major digital agriculture platform and in-field, space-based, equipment-based, and historical sources of data.

In addition to our standard products, Sentera provides very high-performance software and hardware solutions to some of the world’s largest seed, nutrition, and crop protection manufacturers. These cutting-edge technical capabilities translate directly into superior performance and features for our consumer products. The result: every Sentera customer receives information that is accurate, precision, and actionable — immediately at the field edge and as an integrated component of the full-scale digital platform they’re already using.