Sentera offers the best agriculture drones available today. There’s a drone for every farm and every budget. Whether you’re just getting started or turning pro, Sentera can get you flying.

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Phantom 4 Pro NDVI Kit | Sentera Precision Agriculture Drones | Infrastructure Inspection Drones

The DJI NDVI Upgrade

DJI agriculture drones equipped with Sentera’s DJI NDVI upgrade are the best, lowest cost ways to collect ultra-HD color + NDVI data at the same time. Sentera’s upgrade allows you to collect near-infrared images, which you can quickly turn into NDVI data with AgVault. Our upgrade leaves your color HD camera untouched, so you can still use your drone for color scouting or general color photography. Our NDVI sensor sits alongside your camera gimbal, it doesn’t replace it. Available for the DJI Phantom series, DJI Inspire and DJI Mavic.

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Sentera Phoenix 2 with Live NDVI video | Agriculture Drones

The Sentera PHX

Maximize your acres per hour. When it comes to efficiency, the PHX is unmatched. Paired with the state-of-the-art Sentera Double 4K sensor, the PHX can collect NIR, NDVI, HD color photography and LiveNDVI video of over one hundred acres in a single flight. When time is money, the Sentera PHX efficiently delivers a high-quality data product.

Sentera Omni Inspection Drone | Omni Agriculture Drone | Double 4K | Live NDVI video

The Sentera Omni AG

Equipped with our Double 4K sensor, the Sentera Omni AG can capture high-resolution color, NIR, NDVI and LiveNDVI video data — all at the same time, in a single flight. This winning drone and sensor combination delivers crop views unavailable from any other drone and sensor package on the market today. The result: the highest quality crop health data available today.

Indago Agriculture Drone | Sentera

The Indago AG

If you need to access tight spaces, you need a vertical take-off solution like the Indago AG. Carrying a Sentera Double Sensor, the Indago AG offers almost 45 minutes of flight time, nearly double that of any other vertical take-off solution. The Indago AG can still image nearly a hundred acres in an hour in both color + NDVI, and it can get in and out of the tightest spots.