Customer Background:

Justin Knott, Agronomy Manager for Arthur Companies leads a group of agronomists that provides agronomy services including crop scouting a key part of their full service ag retailer offering.

Arthur Companies – Needs:

  • Full Software/Analytics/Sensor/Drone solution to create differentiated service offering
  • Field and Crop health imagery and stand count and weed map analytics
  • Software platform that has seamless API integration with Climate FieldView and JD Operations Center to easily share imagery and insights with company agronomists and their grower customers
  • Enable data collection that minimizes inefficient manual data collection and enable collecting 100X of data for whole field insights

Sentera Outcomes And Value:

Justin has used the Sentera solution in many ways to provide value to his customers:

  • Stand count analytics to validate as planted data
  • Utilized Sentera imagery to determine the extent of damage from herbicide drift
  • NDVI imagery to determine the specific areas of drown-out
  • NDVI imagery to determine field damage from drought conditions
  • After storm flights to determine extent of crop damages for insurance and inputs  strategy optimization

“We are leveraging Sentera solutions to Fly it First to improve agronomist efficiency and minimize unnecessary in field scouting”

“We serve growers from 1000 acres up to 15,000 acres with our crop scouting services enhanced by Sentera”