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12 Jun Sentera FieldAgent Release Supports Double 4K 5-band Multispectral Sensor Indices – at the Field Edge

Sentera is the leading provider of real-time, in-season insights for digital agriculture, and today's FieldAgent™ Platform release enables users to leverage even more data while in the field. Now, Sentera's Double 4K 5-band multispectral sensor users can access multiple indices without an internet connection. Critical to...

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NDVI vs. NDRE: What's the Difference? | Sentera Precision Ag Solutions

01 May NDVI vs. NDRE: What’s the Difference?

NDVI vs. NDRE Sentera’s two most popular crop index products are Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) and Normalized Difference Red Edge (NDRE), also known simply as “Red Edge.” In this post, we'll break down the differences in NDVI vs. NDRE. Which one is right for your operation? Naturally, one...

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