DroneMate Sentera | UAV + UAS

02 Aug DroneMate Reselling Sentera Solutions Throughout New Zealand

Drones, Sensors, and AgVault™ Software Sentera, LLC, a global provider of remote sensing hardware and data management solutions has signed a reseller agreement with DroneMate, New Zealand’s premier agriculture and inspection drone and sensor distributor. The agreement gives New Zealand’s agriculture industry access to Sentera’s proven end-to-end...

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25 Million Acres Captured by Sentera

23 Jun Over 25 Million Acres of Images Captured by Single Drone Solutions Company

25 Million Acres Captured: Sentera UAVs, Sensors, and Software are Leading Agriculture Market Sentera, LLC, sensors have officially captured over 25 million acres of images. Sentera’s AgVault™ 2.0 Software translates this imagery into actionable data for the precision agriculture industry. Sentera’s unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), precision sensors, and...

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Ag Drone Flight Planning | Sentera | UAV + UAS + sensors

07 Jun Sentera Adds Autonomous UAV Flight Planning to AgVault™ 2.0 Mobile App

End-to-End NDVI Precision Agriculture Solution Sentera announced the addition of autonomous UAV route planning to its AgVault™ 2.0 mobile app. The added capability works with the DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3, and Inspire families of products and provides the agriculture industry with an affordable, end-to-end normalized difference vegetation...

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Double 4K Imaging | Sentera | UAV + UAS + Sensors

28 Apr Sentera Delivers 4K, High-Megapixel Imaging to Commercial & Industrial Drones

Features Fully Customizable Dual Sensors and Universal UAV Compatibility Today, Sentera introduced its Double 4K sensor, bringing a small, fully-customizable twin-imager sensor to the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry. The rugged, high-throughput Double 4K sensor is designed for use in harsh environments, with configuration options tailored...

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Inspire NDVI Upgrade | Sentera | UAV + UAS + Sensors | Precision Ag

19 Apr Sentera Transforms Inspire Drone into Affordable Precision Scouting Tool

Commercial Drone Quickly Captures Precise NDVI Crop Health Data Sentera is making precise crop health and normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) data affordable to every grower with their Inspire NDVI Upgrade. Sentera developed the capability to transform new or existing DJI Inspire™ drones into precision agriculture scouting tools...

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