Customer Background:

Colby Woods, founder and owner of Woods Ag Services is a Channel Seed dealer.  Based in Elkhorn, Nebraska Woods differentiates his business by offering value through innovative insights that others may overlook.

Woods Ag Services – Needs:

  • Full Software/Analytics/Sensor/Drone solution to create differentiated service offering
  • Field and Crop health imagery and stand count and weed map analytics
  • Software platform that has seamless API integration with Climate FieldView to easily share imagery and insights with Grower customers
  • Enable data collection that minimizes inefficient manual data collection and enable collecting 100X of data for whole field insights

Sentera Outcomes And Value:

Colby has used the Sentera solution in many ways to provide value to his customers:

  • Stand count to determine emergence to improve seed selection, and variable rate planting decisions
  • Stand count to improve the quality of replant decisions
  • Gain a holistic view of damage created by hailstorms to improve insurance compensation accuracy
  • Crop health analysis post damage to improve decisions and maximize yield
  • Crop health analysis to help clients make the decision to spray fungicide
  • Crop health analysis and zone maps to create variable Fall calcium application program
  • NIR imagery to create long term plans for drainage tile additions

“Sentera has elevated my customers perception of Woods Ag Services, Channel Seed, and Climate”

“I am engaging with my customer, speaking to the performance of the seed product I sold them, all while Sentera’s products are capturing 100x the data points that I could collect manually makes me many times more valuable to them”