Sentera enables Agronomists, Seed Dealers, Retailers, and Cooperatives to be more effective advisors to Growers and help them maximize profit. Whole-field analytics deliver early insights into seed and plant performance, validation of hybrid selections, all-season alerting, and more precise estimation of yield potential.


Agronomists can cover more acres and serve more growers with FieldAgent solutions.

Seed Dealers

Seed Dealers can provide growers with whole-field performance insights throughout the season.

Retailers and Coops

Retailers and Coops can advise growers on optimization of inputs and performance with FieldAgent whole-field imagery and analytics.

Equipment Dealers

Equipment Dealers with Agronomy Services can provide more in-depth advice based on whole-field imagery and analytics throughout the season.

The Sentera Difference for Commercial Customers:

  • FieldAgent Platform
  • Market Leading Sensors and Analytics
  • Complete Solutions for In-Season, Whole-Field Insights
  • Great Customer Support

Case Study: Seed Dealer Differentiates his Business with Innovative Insights

Colby Woods, a Channel Seed dealer, is able to capture 100x more data points and provide more valuable whole-field and seed performance insights to his customers with his Full Software/Analytics/Sensor/Drone solution.