Agronomists can now:

  • Elevate the value of scouting services with whole-field analysis tools
  • Fly the field first and add satellite imagery and weather data to increase efficiency
  • Identify issues sooner to minimize losses and increase yield
  • Improve precision and accuracy of prescriptions
  • Engage growers all season long
  • Deliver higher ROI to the grower

Case Study: How an Agronomist uses Sentera Solutions to make more timely and better informed management decisions

Nate Dorsey, an agronomist in Yuma, Arizona, needed a specialized solution to equip customers with the tools to help them optimize crop management decisions. Sentera provided an integrated software, analytics, and hardware solution that worked out-of-the-box and gathered accurate, efficient data on their time-sensitive crops.

How they use Sentera

Nate uses his Sentera solution to validate stand and population data, identify planter performance issues, detect over and under watering issues, make informed zone-base replant decisions faster, receive better data for yield estimation, and quickly detect disease pressures.

  • “FieldAgent is among the most user-friendly in terms of our flight planning and actually flying the field.”
  • “When you get the crop and get a map of the whole field, that really gives you a full view of what’s going on.”

“For farmers, the Sentera system is perfect, because it’s easy, straightforward, and doesn’t take much time to learn.”

Nate Dorsey

Case Study: Agronomist Boosts Field Scouting Efficiency

Justin Knott, an Agronomy Manager for Arthur Companies, leveraged Sentera solutions by flying the field first to improve scouting efficiency and was able to expand Grower coverage from 1000 acres up to 15,000 acres and make it a key part of his full-service ag retail offering.

Popular Solutions for Agronomists

FieldAgent, Mavic, and Sentera Single Sensor

  • Small & Portable
  • Best entry option
  • Live RGB Video
  • Up to 150 acres/hour
Sentera PHX drone

FieldAgent PHX and Sentera Double4K Sensor

  • All Double 4K variants
  • Most efficient solution
  • Up to 1000 acres/hour
  • Maximum Acreage Coverage