Ag Retailers and Cooperatives can now:

  • Elevate the value of your field scouting package with more accurate insights
  • Detect more targeted issues with whole field data and analytics
  • Optimize the efficiency of your in-field scouts’ time with more precise actions
  • Deliver better yield estimates earlier in the seasons
  • Help achieve higher yields and ROI for the Grower

Case Study: Agronomy Manager at Ag Retailer

Justin Knott, Agronomy Manager for Arthur Companies, leveraged Sentera’s NDVI imagery technology to gather extended whole field insights and provide extra value to his customers.

How they use Sentera

Justin uses his Sentera solution to provide extra value to his customers with efficient gathering and reporting of stand count, herbicide drift damage, drown-out and drought condition data. He also performs after storm flights to determine extent of crop damage for insurance and inputs strategy optimization.

“We serve growers from 1000 acres up to 15,000 acres with our crop scouting services enhanced by Sentera.”

“We are leveraging Sentera’ Fly it First  solution to improve agronomist efficiency and minimize unnecessary in-field scouting.“

Popular Ag Retailer Coops Solutions

FieldAgent, Mavic, and Sentera Single Sensor

  • Small & Portable
  • Best entry option
  • Live RGB Video
  • Up to 150 acres/hour
Sentera PHX drone

FieldAgent PHX and Sentera Double4K Sensor

  • All Double 4K variants
  • Most efficient solution
  • Up to 1000 acres/hour
  • Maximum Acreage Coverage