Seed Dealers can now:

  • Show your customers how well your product performs in their own fields
  • Deliver useful data and analytics that help grow your customer relationshis
  • Give your customers alerts and notifications when management issues arise
  • Use yield forecasting tools to show your value to your customer’s bottom line

Case Study: Channel seed dealer distinguishes his business with innovative insights

Colby Woods, founder and owner of Woods Ag Services, leverages a Sentera custom crop health imagery, integrated software and drone solution to collect 100X more whole field data which provides unique value to his customers.

How they use Sentera

Colby has used his Sentera solution provide extended value to his customers with stand count assessment to help make precise planting decisions, crop health analysis to maximize yields and treatments, and field maps to create long term plans for drainage tile additions.

  •  “Sentera has elevated my customers perception of Woods Ag Services, Channel Seed, and Climate.“

“I am engaging with my customer, speaking to the performance of the seed product I sold them, all while Sentera’s products are capturing 100x the data points that I could collect manually makes me many times more valuable to them.

Colby Woods
Woods Ag Services

Popular Seed Dealer Solutions

FieldAgent, Mavic, and Sentera Single Sensor

  • Small & Portable
  • Best entry option
  • Live RGB Video
  • Up to 150 acres/hour
Sentera PHX drone

FieldAgent PHX and Sentera Double4K Sensor

  • All Double 4K variants
  • Most efficient solution
  • Up to 1000 acres/hour
  • Maximum Acreage Coverage