Sentera Complete Crop Scouting Solutions for Organic Farming Operations

Complete Crop Scouting Solutions for Organic Farming Operations

Sentera Data for Certified Organic Farming Operations

As an organic grower, you’ve made commitments to practices that support biodiversity, resource stewardship, and tailored use of your on-farm resources. Assessing fertility and nutrition, detecting disease and pest pressures, and developing crop rotation plans are critical factors that contribute to the agronomic and economic success of an organic farming operation.

You already utilize a set of approved products and inputs to support your operation. And, you support the entire supply chain to demonstrate that these standards are met from farm to table. And, you already know that demand for organic products is growing rapidly and certified organic products can deliver a substantial price premium to conventionally farmed counterparts.

At the same time, the practices and inputs you employ in a certified organic operation can often be more expensive to procure per acre and the labor and equipment required to apply them can also cost more compared to conventional products and practices.

That’s why immediate access to information that helps you deploy your inputs and practices most efficiently is especially important.

Sentera data provides rapid, meaningful on-field information to help you understand the status of your crops quickly.

That means you can detect issues more quickly and make interventions earlier. The ability to assess crop vigor, biomass, nitrogen status, weed and disease pressure, and stand and emergence information in near real-time opens the door to more sophisticated management practices. These practices can drive yield improvement, reduce use of inputs and environmental footprint, and gather historical data that helps drive an organic management strategy over the long term.

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Written by Eric Taipale, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Sentera