Data Rights

On May 25, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law. GPDR requires significant changes to the way companies handle the storage, collection and usage of your data. Sentera is committed to the security and privacy of all customer data. To that end, the below is a summary of what data Sentera collects, how it’s used, and what your rights are as a user of our platform.

Personal Information

Here’s what we collect and store inside the FieldAgent platform, in plain english.

Physical Address
Company Name
Phone Number
IP Address
Photo Locations
Field Boundaries
Map coordinates / projections
Basic usage statistics

Much of the geo-information is required for the basic use of our platform, such as in displaying maps, photos, and field boundaries. The rest are used for accounting, billing, login, and customer support.

Right to Be Deleted

Sentera customers have the “right to be forgotten”. At your discretion, you may have any and all data relevant to you erased entirely from our systems.

Right to View Personal Data

Sentera customers may view any and all personal data that we collect, at any time. You may completely review anything that we store on your behalf.

Right to Notification

Sentera customers will be notified promptly in case of any breach of your personal data. Disclosure will be made within 3 days of discovery, in accordance with GPDR.

Clear Privacy Policy

We have a clearly written privacy policy, available here. You will be notified if and when any changes are made to this policy.

Opt-In Communication

Sentera will never share your personal information with third parties without your consent, and we will also request your consent to send marketing and advertising material.


If you ever have any questions about your data or how it’s being used, please call us or send an email. We want to be clear, fair, and open about how we use your data.