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Boost Your Sales

For today’s grower, advice comes plenty – but finding the resource that provides objective, data-backed insight can be challenging. 

Become a top advisor for your growers with the ability to give them the information that they need, when they need it – helping them understand what’s happening in their fields and how they can take action to optimize yield. 

Engage Growers When it Matters

With FieldAgent, create sales engagement opportunities with access to key data points about what’s happening on the field – whether it’s a weather event, sign of emergence, or other seasonal condition.

Prove Performance

Deep analytics from FieldAgent give you an indication into what the grower can expect for end-of-season yield – meaning you can measure and showcase performance earlier than before.

Validate Decisions

Monitor every single acre in just a few clicks! This means you can make data-driven decisions to optimize performance quickly.

Book Earlier Orders

Build stronger relationships with your growers by providing insight into performance, ultimately helping you sell next season’s seed earlier.

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