FieldAgent Digital Scouting

Decisions Simplified

FieldAgent Digital Scouting is a configurable system built to help agronomic professionals streamline and simplify their in-season decision support workflow. This program allows you to continuously monitor fields, efficiently deploy scouting resources, quickly collaborate with stakeholders, validate treatment efficacy and simplify complex in-season decisions.

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The Components of Digital Scouting

Continuously Monitor

FieldAgent observes and detects real-time field management opportunities for you. We do this by integrating satellite data, weather data, equipment data, soil data, drone data and field operations with highly-trained machine learning algorithms.

Quickly Diagnose Issues

We all know that there is often a narrow window of opportunity between when potential stressors are observed in a field and when corrective action needs to take place in order to protect yields. We help you efficiently and effectively deploy scouting resources across every field you manage.

Effectively Collaborate

FieldAgent allows you to share and receive field-level insights with key stakeholders in real-time. The efficient distribution of these insights enable you to take corrective action at critical benchmarks throughout the season and strengthens the relationships between growers and their advisors.

Simplify Decisions

Effective crop scouting is an important task necessary to prevent yield losses, make the best management decisions and improve outcomes. FieldAgent helps you equip and empower the grower to make the best economic decision.

Validate Performance

FieldAgent Digital scouting allows you to clearly demonstrate and display the efficacy of your recommendations – from inputs to management decisions.

The Benefits of Digital Scouting

Start scouting smarter today.

Contact one of our experts to learn more about how FieldAgent Digital Scouting can help your business grow this year.

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