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Imagine a world where…

 1 in 3 tower climbs were eliminated, 

where aerial drone inspection was a routine, frictionless exercise, 

where inspection photography was cloud-connected and accessible from anywhere.

Sentera brings this vision to life everyday.

Sentera end-to-end solutions empower owners, climbers and tenants to inspect infrastructure safer, faster and less expensive than was ever previously possible by using drone-based HD camera platforms. Sentera drone inspections photograph wireless towers, broadcast towers and other aerial infrastructure at close range and from every angle, empowering detailed audit and inspection without anyone putting on a harness.

Two Ways to Inspect

Sentera Omni Inspection Drone | Omni Agriculture Drone | Double 4K | Live NDVI video

You Fly

Sentera can help build drone inspection capability within your organization, including drone hardware, software, training and maintenance. Sentera has decades of experience with the FAA, and has secured FAA approval to operate inspection drones legally. We can help you do the same.


We Fly

Sentera will conduct drone inspections of your towers or other infrastructure for an affordable flat fee.


Sentera owns and operates the inspection drones at your site and delivers high-resolution photography and data. Sentera’s FAA-certified pilots are trained, qualified and experienced to fly your infrastructure projects and deliver the critical and valuable information you need.

FieldAgent™ Makes Your Data Matter

Drone inspection creates a deluge of data, and it’s too much without the proper tools. FieldAgent elegantly stores and organizes this imagery to make it meaningful and useful for anyone from individuals to large organizations.

OnTop Infrastructure Inspection | Sentera

Photography by place

FieldAgent stores and organizes millions of photos with a convenient map display. Each map marker shows you exactly where you have photography, and it’s searchable in every way.

Photography by time

Every time you photograph a site, FieldAgent stores it as a separate collection within that location. FieldAgent makes it easy to track changes, measure progress and view historical records by location.


Photography by type

Sometimes you need to know what’s in the photo. FieldAgent tags your photos and store them by type, class, or any other way that suits your needs. Sentera FieldAgent makes it simple to track specific assets across time.

Take notes + share

Share photos with a click. Email, export JPEGs and more. FieldAgent has a full suite of APIs, which means it plays well with enterprise tools of all kinds. FieldAgent is ready for a leading role in your organization.

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OnTop Infrastructure Inspection | Sentera

Accessible anywhere

Cloud storage means you only need a login and password to access all of your photos, from anywhere.

Mobile App

Drone + ground photography, living together. Simple + elegant.

Inspection drones can’t do it all. Sometimes you need photography on the ground, and it should live together with your drone photography. FieldAgent mobile captures photography using your tablet or smartphone, and uploads the images to the cloud automatically. Take SLR-quality photos by adding the Sony QX-10 camera lens to your smartphone or tablet.

Best Drone App + Data Management Software for Infrastructure Inspection | OnTop from Sentera

one solution. every photo.

One common login + password across all platforms. The FieldAgent mobile app allows users to take and upload ground photography to the cloud.

Best Drone App + Data Management Software for Infrastructure Inspection | OnTop from Sentera

where + what

FieldAgent keeps track of where you’ve been and what you’ve shot. Cloud uploads happen in the background wherever you have a data connection.

Best Drone App + Data Management Software for Infrastructure Inspection | OnTop from Sentera

task it, tag it

Assign photography tasks so that you get the same photography at every site. FieldAgent mobile makes collecting a standard set of photography simple and frictionless. Every photo is tagged by what’s in the frame so you can keep track of images by type.

Mobile Infrastructure Inspection Photography | OnTop & OnTop Mobile from Sentera

Ultra-HD photography

FieldAgent Mobile supports the Sony QX-10 ultra-HD camera attachment. Clip the QX-10 to your tablet or phone and instantly capture 18 megapixel photos at 10x optical zoom. No sony camera? No problem. The app defaults to the camera on your tablet.