Sentera Announces the Release of Live NDVI Video

10 Jan Sentera’s Real-Time NDVI Video Streaming is a Giant Leap for Growers & Agronomists Everywhere

Sentera’s Latest Sensor Offers Live NDVI Video Streaming Directly to Your Mobile Device in Real Time Sentera today announced the upcoming release of LiveNDVI™ video: livestreamed NDVI video via the Sentera Double 4K sensor. This breakthrough technology will offer agronomists worldwide the fastest way to make decisions...

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Sentera, Dynamic UAV Solutions Ink Deal | Press Release | Drones + Sensors + Software

13 Sep Sentera Inks North American Distribution Agreement with Dynamic UAV Solutions

Sentera, Dynamic UAV Solutions: Exclusive Distribution of Precision Payloads and Phoenix 2 UAV Sentera, Dynamic UAV Solutions have signed an exclusive distribution agreement. Dynamic UAV Solutions North America, LLC, is a new distributor in the commercial UAV space for the mapping, construction, survey, and agricultural, inspection, mining, public safety,...

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