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Supports our most popular analytics solutions including Stand Count, Crop Health, Tassel Count and more.

Better Data

Compatible with our powerful Double 4K sensors for generating the most advanced analytics.

Double 4K Sensor – 2X 12.3MP

Altitude 200′ 400′
Coverage (Quicktile) 370 acres 740 acres
Coverage (Mosaic) 125 acres 250 acres

See configurations table on Double 4K Sensor page for spectral and lens information.

Precision Insights

Ultra-precise RTK GPS is an available option for all PHX Double 4K sensor payloads, enabling deeper insights. View live HD video in flight while capturing in-depth analytic data.

Efficiency In Action

Customizable sensor configurations enable RGB, NDVI, NDRE, or Multispectral data to be collected over broad areas. Integrates seamlessly with Sentera FieldAgent®. Quick setup—no tools required. Easy hand-launch and precision landing capabilities.

Broad Acre Package System

The Sentera PHX Drone is the cornerstone of our Broad Acre Package pre-configured drone system that delivers five-band calibrated, multispectral data and high-resolution RGB insights for full spatial analytics.
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“When tassels emerge in the later part of the season, we can go fly a field and get a report back that says what the tassel counts are across the field; they’re very, very accurate.”

Matt Larson Sales Agronomist, CHS - Holdredge

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Sentera FieldAgent® works hard throughout the year to help you optimize outcomes. See the potential in every acre to maximize yields and profitability.
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