Maximize Scouting Efficiency

Sentera’s fixed-wing drone is highly reliable, easy-to-use, and captures the data you need to manage the best outcome, including stand count, tassel count and plant health.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Smarter Insights

The PHX delivers you with the field analytics and insights you need to run your business more efficiently this season. Fly for and analyze each of our most popular analytics products including Stand Count, Crop Health, and Tassel Count. FieldAgent allows you to go beyond aerial photos and into meaningful data products with economic value.

More Acres

With a cruise speed of 35mph and up to a 59-minute endurance, the PHX is capable of covering large fields quickly. PHX has a reach of 2+ miles, quickly scouting large fields with precision and is ideal for covering broad acres. The PHX is the best-performing and best-valued professional fixed-wing drone available today.

Better Data

When paired with one of our powerful Double 4K sensors, PHX allows you to quickly access a wide array of the most advanced analytics. The PHX delivers you with the field analytics and insights you need to serve your customers all season long.

Flexible Camera Options

Have confidence in the data you collect and analyze. The PHX comes equipped with one of our Double 4K sensors, allowing you to capture better crop health data. Ultra-precise RTK GPS is an available option for all Double 4K sensor payloads, enabling deeper insights.

Start scouting smarter today!