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DroneMate Reselling Sentera Solutions Throughout New Zealand

Drones, Sensors, and AgVault™ Software

Sentera, Inc., a global provider of remote sensing hardware and data management solutions has signed a reseller agreement with DroneMate, New Zealand’s premier agriculture and inspection drone and sensor distributor. The agreement gives New Zealand’s agriculture industry access to Sentera’s proven end-to-end normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) solutions including agriculture drones, precision sensors, and AgVault™ Software. Using Sentera’s crop health solutions, DroneMate’s customers can capture more images and cover more acres, in less time — increasing yields and ROI.

“We are excited to offer Sentera’s easy-to-use, precise NDVI drone solutions and AgVault Software to our extensive network of customers,” said John Bampfylde, Marketing Director for DroneMate. “New Zealand is an agriculture-focused economy and always looking for smarter ways to grow crops more efficiently.”

Just in Time for the Growing Season

Bampfylde continued, “The timing is excellent. Our customers are planning for the coming growing season and Sentera’s crop health management solutions provide the perfect, affordable solution for New Zealand farmers — allowing them to capture color, near-infrared and NDVI data, and view it right at the field edge. We haven’t found anything on the market that is comparable to Sentera’s end-to-end NDVI offering.

The Sentera NDVI DJI Upgrade

DroneMate will offer Sentera’s NDVI Upgrade for the DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 3, and Inspire platforms. Each upgrade utilizes a Sentera NDVI Single Sensor. The ultra-light-weight, high-precision NDVI sensor creates a powerful and affordable precision agriculture tool. Since the drone’s factory-supplied gimbaled camera is not modified, the full functionality of the DJI stock sensor is preserved. With the Single Sensor, users can capture spectacular visual-band, near-infrared, and NDVI data simultaneously — in a single flight.

Bampfylde described Sentera’s NDVI Upgrade: “It’s a brilliant sensor [single sensor] allied to the world’s most popular drone, making for a super-reliable, smart and easy-to-use survey system. The testing results have absolutely amazed us. It is a quantum shift in the market with regard to price and quality.”

The drone’s standard camera also works to survey, creating data that can be used to make 2D and 3D precision maps, measure plant height, or perform crop counts.

AgVault: Crop Management Made Easy

AgVault Software will be available through DroneMate, allowing farmers to evaluate and respond to crop health data in real-time by reviewing a QuickTile™ Map, while at the field’s edge. AgVault Mobile can be used to autonomously fly a DJI drone with NDVI Upgrade, ensuring the sensor is capturing imagery with the correct overlap and elevation to paint a useful picture once the drone lands.

Meeting Global Demand with Increased Efficiency

“This agreement with DroneMate provides Sentera with a broader and deeper reach to deliver world-class precision remote-sensing products to customers in New Zealand,” said Greg Emerick, Executive Vice President of Business Development for Sentera. “By 2050, the world’s farmers will need to feed 9 billion people while using the same arable land that we have today. To do this, growers around the globe are adopting precision agriculture technology like Sentera’s drones, sensors, and AgVault software to grow more food, at a higher rate of return.”

Drone technologies are becoming much more affordable and much easier to use, so New Zealand is seeing more farmers incorporate precision agriculture in their standard operations,” observed Bampfylde. “Very soon, countless farmers and local aerial professionals will own a drone and provide extremely accurate, low-cost surveys as frequently as they want.”

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