Sentera has curated an assortment of the best drones and accessories available today, and we proudly design and manufacture our own — the Phoenix & Phoenix 2. We are a full-service drone provider offering end-to-end solutions including training, service and ongoing support.


Sentera is an authorized dealer of DJI hardware, including the Phantom 3Phantom 4 and Inspire families — some of the best drones available today. For aerial photography and scouting, these are an incredible value because of their ultra-HD 4K cameras.

We also upgrade DJI drones to add NDVI capability for growers and crop consultants to quickly scout crop health from a low-cost platform.

Sentera Phoenix

An exceptionally precise, reliable, and easy-to-use UAV system, the hand-launched Phoenix seamlessly integrates a wide range of sensor options capable of capturing high-resolution RGB, NIR, NDVI, 3D, and thermal data. The Phoenix 2 is indispensable to growers, crop consultants, surveyors, infrastructure inspection agents, and public safety officials.

Sentera Phoenix 2 with Live NDVI video | Agriculture Drones


Sentera is an authorized dealer of the Lockheed Martin Indago, the most advanced quad-rotor platform we could find. The Indago flies for over 40 minutes with interchangeable cameras, now including thermal infrared. The Indago is truly one of the world’s best drones.

Indago for agriculture
Indago for law enforcement

Training | Maintenance | Support

Our team has been in the drone industry since 1995. We have the expertise required to train you or your organization on correct, effective operation of your new drone system.


Our repair department can keep your drone system airworthy and working correctly. Damage is a routine part of drone operations, but it doesn’t have to be a delay in your schedule. We can get you flying again. Let our certified repair technicians service and maintain your fleet.