Sentera’s world-class data science and engineering teams deliver exceptional data measurement and custom analytics for enterprise customers. We develop technology that defines the state-of-the-art and provide support with custom workflows, hardware, and software integrations that meet the most demanding requirements.

Breeding and Traits

Leading-edge sensors support advanced crop characterization and phenotyping, accelerating breeding and traits activities in the field.

Seed Production

More precise management and improved productivity of global seed production.

Product Verification & Validation

Rapidly gather the data insights needed to demonstrate efficacy and other performance characteristics of newly launched products.

The Sentera Difference for Enterprise Customers:

  • Cutting-edge custom analytics
  • Market-leading sensors 
  • FieldAgent where scaling is required
  • Great customer support

Popular Enterprise Solutions

Sentera 6X Multispectral Sensor

The Sentera 6x Multispectral Sensor

Featuring the fastest capture rate in the Ag sensor industry, Gimbal stabilization and on-board Analytics.

Sentera Custom Analytics