What Are Emergence Notifications?

Emergence Notifications are designed to let you know up to one week ahead of when you are likely to see corn emerge on a given field. This Notification sends an anticipated emergence date that will help you plan and prioritize scouting activities after planting.

How Is The Notification Generated?

Sentera uses planting information and interpolated weather data to monitor field conditions. When a model-based threshold is met, a Notification is generated.

Why Is the Notification Important?

Planting corn early is necessary, but often means planting in cool soils. Cool soils may cause emergence to take three weeks or more. This Notification takes the guesswork out of when to scout for emergence issues, helping to schedule and prioritize manual scouting activities that can be used to improve management decisions.

Benefits Of The Notification

Emergence Notifications monitor fields for you, so you don’t miss an important scouting event. This tool helps ensure you get to the right place at the right time to make better management decisions.

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