What Are Stand Count Notifications?

Stand Count Notifications are designed to let you know up to one week ahead of when your corn is likely to reach the V2 growth stage on a given field. This Notification sends an anticipated V2 date that will help you plan and prioritize scouting activities to make more informed early season decisions.

How Is The Notification Generated?

Sentera uses planting information and weather data to predict field conditions. When our growth model can make a good estimate for the field reaching the V2 growth stage, a Notification is generated. Variations like hybrid type, soils, and micro-climate can all affect your field’s growth rate. We designed this Notification to give you plenty of advance notice so you can account for variability based on things we can’t measure or know about directly.

Why Is The Notification Important?

Stand counts are a good early indicator of yield potential and one of the most important factors in replant decisions. If you have access to Sentera’s Stand Count Analytics, this is the optimal time to fly your drone to get a faster and more accurate stand count than manual scouting.

Benefits Of The Notification

Stand Count Notifications help you monitor your fields so you don’t miss an important scouting event that can have big implications for the rest of the season.

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