FieldAgent Analytics

Sentera FieldAgent offers the widest range of industry uses with our analytics products at the core. The indices and analytics features provide insightful results displayed as a data driven map layer within FieldAgent’s mobile, web and desktop applications. The data layer is shareable with clients and advisors even if they don’t have FieldAgent accounts. 

All of Sentera’s analytics products can be exported as shapefiles and rate-controlled prescription files suitable for most any precision applicator or planter, providing a clear path between analysis and action. 

The most common indices within FieldAgent include NDVI, NDRE, NIR, and RGB. The most common analytics within FieldAgent include Stand Count, Weed Mapping, Tassel Count, and Yield Estimation.

FieldAgent Analytics Use Cases

Sentera FieldAgent supports the broadest range of uses in the industry.

  • Terrain elevation mapping
  • Pre-plant and in-season weed mapping
    • Herbicide treatment plan
    • Precision spraying
  • Post-emergence population analysis
    • Performance versus as planted
    • Planter issue identification
    • Replant decision support
    • Nutrition plan modification/update
  • Crop Health analysis
    • General health assessment
    • Water Stress identification
    • Lodging identification
    • GreenSnap identification
    • Weather damage assessment
    • Pest damage identification
    • Nitrogen status assessment
    • Fungicide decision support
  • Crop Stage identification
  • Canopy 
    • Canopy Height
    • Canopy Closure
  • Canola flowering
  • Tassel Count
    • Yield estimation
    • Fungicide application decision support
  • Live mapping
    • Real-time crop health visibility as flying
  • Real-time analytics
    • Real-time stand count and weed mapping visibility as flying
  • Zone Management
  • Point Mission assessment
    • Crop assessment
    • Asset assessment
  • Line Mission assessment
    • Crop, asset, field (ditch) assessment

Real-Time Analytics:
Plant Population & Weed Pressure

With FieldAgent’s Real-Time Analytics, scouts can ground truth areas of interest and instantly see results; allowing a complete, integrated scouting mission to be completed before the drone even lands. FieldAgent’s latest offering expedites delivery of insights – something the industry has been seeking.