FieldAgent™ Tassel Count

Build Better Forecasts and Make More Informed Decisions

FieldAgent™ Tassel Count analytics delivers tassel count density throughout an entire field so users can more easily forecast and refine their crop yields prior to harvest and make other critical management decisions.

What is FieldAgent™ Tassel Count?

Beyond Traditional Scouting

For generations, agronomic professionals have captured tassel counts and estimated potential yield by manually selecting a few spots per field, walking to those spots, collecting a tissue sample and running those counts through a yield calculator on a notepad. The low sample size and enormous time investment required in this process display multiple inefficiencies and leave more than enough room for error.

We built the FieldAgent™ Tassel Count analytics tool to directly combat these traditional limitations by quickly delivering an accurate tassel count map of the entire field so you can streamline your in-field scouting time, easily forecast crop yields prior to harvest and make other critical management decisions.

The FieldAgent™ Difference

The FieldAgent™ Tassel Count analytics tool counts the plants that have developed a tassel and have the potential of producing full ears. The user also receives an accurate zone map through the analytics – showing the average number of standing plants depicted with a red, yellow or green indicator, directing the user where to go out and conduct ear samples, streamlining time and processes for the grower and their agronomist.


Estimating Yield

With FieldAgent™ Tassel Count analytics from Sentera, yield estimates are more accurate and reliable than manual sampling. Agricultural professionals traditionally measure yield by taking tassel and kernel counts at a handful of random locations in the field and then running it through a calculator on a notepad.

The Tassel Count analytics improves this estimation by directing agricultural professionals to take the counts at targeted locations representative of the variation present in the field. It then runs the yield estimate again those results – all within the FieldAgent™ app.

Supported Platforms

PHX_Left - Copy


Sentera PHX
with a D4K Analytics Camera

AGX710 Sensor for DJI M200

DJI M200

Sentera AGX710 Analytics Sensor
mounted on DJI Matrice 200 drone


DJI Inspire 2

Sentera D4K Analytics Sensor
mounted on DJI Inspire 2 drone

*FieldAgent Tassel Count results may not be ideal for fields with variable terrain.

**FieldAgent Tassel Count results will be delivered within 2 business days.

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