FieldAgent™ Weather Notifications

What Are Weather Notifications?

FieldAgent™ Weather Notifications analyze historical weather data, current weather observations and weather forecasts to inform you when and where conditions could cause crop damage. These notifications optimize in-field scouting time and drive operational efficiency.

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Extreme Rain Notification

Extreme Rain Notification

The Rain Notification leverages precipitation data to let you know when your field has received over 2 inches of rainfall within the past 24 hours.

Hail Notification

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Hail Notifications are observed hail reports which include intensity information to help determine if the event warrants scouting. This notification ensures that any significant hail damage can be rapidly assessed for replant decisions or insurance claims.

Extreme Wind Notification

The Wind Notification is designed to notify you when your field is likely to have experienced strong winds in excess of 50mph.

Frost/Freeze Notifications

Frost and freeze notifications are designed to let you know up to 48 hours before your field is likely to experience frost conditions or freezing temperatures.

Growing Degree Unit (GDU) Notifications

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Growing Degree Unit Notifications are model-based crop development tools which analyze current growing degree units compared to the 10-year average over the same time interval. This delivers insights into whether your crop is ahead or behind schedule compared to normal conditions and helps to adjust activities as needed.

Getting Started

In order to receive notifications on your fields, make sure to follow the directions in our Quick Start Guide.

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