Smarter Scouting

Crop Health Maps provide unprecedented insights into field vigor through customizable NDVI maps, zone management, a basic prescription writing tool, and dynamic color mapping. These tools allow you to quickly pinpoint and manage potential stressors caused by the presence of disease or weather damage.

The Benefits

Customizable Maps

Locate and identify potential management opportunities with efficiency.

Effective Action

Take the right action before issues are visible to the naked eye.

Validate Treatment

Immediately showcase performance or corrective plan.


Provide decision makers with unprecedented insights into field vigor.


Increase productivity by knowing what areas of a field need your attention.

Guide Inputs

Leverage data to manage chemical inputs with confidence & precision.

Leveraging Crop Health Maps

Monitor and Detect

Monitor every field with notifications that direct you to potential issues.

Diagnose and Share

Efficiently and effectively deploy scouts, quickly share insights.

Decide and Validate

Enable the best decision, validate your management plan.

Discover how to start scouting smarter today!