Growers can now:

  • Measure your whole field to track performance in real-time
  • Fly it First to identify crop health issues
  • Provide your team with quality data so they can make informed decisions
  • See management issues faster and develop accurate yield estimates sooner
  • Integrate seamless with leading platforms, like Ops Center, FieldView, and FarmServerr

How Growers use Sentera

The FieldAgent Platform gives growers the data insights they need to optimize management decisions throughout the growing season. Combining drone, satellite, weather, and soil data layers with advanced modeling and analytics tools, FieldAgent delivers hundreds of ways to help growers generate higher profits.

Popular Grower Solutions

Mavic and Sentera Single Sensor

  • Small & Portable
  • Best entry option
  • Live RGB Video
  • Up to 150 acres/hour
Sentera PHX drone

FieldAgent PHX and Sentera Double4K Sensor

  • All Double 4K variants
  • Most efficient solution
  • Up to 1000 acres/hour
  • Maximum Acreage Coverage