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Delivering Data

From the field’s edge to the office, Sentera delivers solutions to reduce time and resources required for agronomic data collection – all without sacrificing accuracy.


Solving Key Challenges for Field-level Efficiency

Eliminate manual errors with high-resolution imagery

Collect data 25% faster than manual methods

Reduce labor costs and resources by as much as 30%

Stand Count with FieldAgent

Monitor More Acres and Plots

With ag drones and sensors, capture imagery across 100% of your acres and plots, and do so up to 25% faster than with manual methods that only capture field samples.

Optimize Data Capture

Choose the solution that works best for your needs. Sentera’s ag sensors work for every use case, whether capturing hundreds or thousands of acres, or detailed analytics for research plots.

Become the Chosen Grower Partner 

Take your grower relationships to the next level with data-driven insights to provide value in every interaction, selling every acre and engaging every grower.


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