Infographic: Sentera Technology How It Works | Drones, Sensors, Software + Analytics for Precision Agriculture

Infographic: How It Works

How It Works: Sentera precision ag technology

If you’re new to using drones for precision agriculture, you might have some questions on Sentera’s technology and how it works. Many of our current customers came to us thinking our drone solutions must be complicated. While our products are technologically sophisticated, we pride ourselves on developing solutions that are easy for our customers to use.


Using Sentera’s mobile app, you can be up and flying in under a minute. Unpack your precision-scouting drone, highlight where you want to fly, set your flight parameters and press “Start”.

Your drone will automatically carry out your flight plan and return to you upon completion.

Sentera software is a powerful tool that allows you to scout your crops, capturing health and vegetation index data in near real time.

After each flight, use our platform to analyze, sort, store and share your data with trusted advisors. By utilizing a Sentera High-Precision Single sensor to collect TrueNDVI®, NDRE, and RGB imagery of your fields, Sentera software can generate shapefiles and maps so you have fast, actionable data ready to export to your fleet of tools.

Why should I use it?

Sentera’s software is an ideal tool for agronomists, consultants, and growers. It allows you to digitally map your fields and view precise plant health data right at the field’s edge so you can take action instantly. Plus, it makes managing, storing and sharing your data with your current tools a breeze.


Sentera Infographic How It Works | Drones, Sensors, Software + Analytics for Precision Agriculture


About Sentera

Sentera is a leading supplier of integrated remote sensing and IoT solutions to the agriculture industry, making it easy for users to bring in-field data off the farm for further analysis. In a single growing season, Sentera’s equipment gathered over hundreds of terabytes of data from 8,000 flights. Sentera equipment has flown tens of millions of acres all over the world.


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