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Infographic: What is FieldAgent?

What is FieldAgent?

FieldAgent is Sentera’s robust software platform. FieldAgent is a powerful tool that allows you to scout your crops, capturing health and vegetation index data in near real time. Use FieldAgent to analyze and assess your field, and share data with trusted advisors. By utilizing a Sentera NDVI, NDRE, or multispectral sensor to collect crop health data, FieldAgent can generate maps and shapefiles so you have fast, actionable data ready to export to your fleet of tools.

Why should I use it?

FieldAgent is an ideal platform for agronomists, consultants, and growers. It allows you to digitally map your fields and perform powerful analytics right at the field’s edge so you can take action instantly. Plus, FieldAgent exports data directly to the cab of your tractor or other tools, increasing operational efficiency.

Gathering actionable data you can use to inform decisions is a simple four-step process:

1. Fly
2. Assess
3. Share
4. Take Action

1. Fly

Using FieldAgent Mobile, you can be up and flying in under a minute. Unpack your precision scouting drone, highlight where you want to fly, set your flight parameters and press “Start”. Your drone will automatically carry out your flight plan and return to you upon completion.

2. Assess

After your drone lands, import your images into the FieldAgent desktop app. FieldAgent handles the rest, producing QuickTile® health maps in seconds with the option to generate fully stitched mosaics and elevation maps.

  • Identify areas of stress
  • Assess stand and emergence
  • Compare historical data
  • See issues before they turn into problems

3. Share

FieldAgent makes sharing data with team members and advisors a breeze. Simply select the data set(s) you want to share, add annotations if you choose, and click send — all within FieldAgent.

  • Growers – Share data with trusted advisors and receive feedback
  • Agronomists – Share data andrecommendations with clients
  • API & data integrations with leading digital ag platforms

4. Take Action

FieldAgent produces highly precise, easy-to-interpret plant health data in near real time. The result: it’s never been easier to make timely, informed on-field decisions.

  • Push data to existing tools – Use FieldAgent web or desktop to push data to all major digital ag platforms, even right to the cab of your tractor
  • Reduce yield loss & increase revenue – Once stressed areas are identified, preventative treatments can be applied
  • Assess inputs & increase profit – Use real-time data to allocate inputs to where they’re needed most and compare historical data to assess the effectiveness of your crop inputs

Features and Benefits:

  • Make in-season decisions using precise, real-time data
  • Generate basic prescriptions and streamline workflows
  • Convert NDVI values into easy-to-use zone maps
  • Assess plant health at the field edge without an internet connection
  • Generate mosaics with FieldAgent’s free stitching capability. Don’t have a computer that can stitch locally? Fully stitched mosaics are available in FieldAgent on a stitch-to-order basis. Orders can be submitted through the FieldAgent Desktop app.
  • Create unlimited QuickTile® crop health maps
  • View crop health maps on your mobile device
  • Automatic syncing of data between the FieldAgent desktop, mobile, and web applications
  • Easily integrates with tools such as MyJohnDeere, APEX, SST, Farm Works, SMS, Encirca, FieldView and more
  • Exports shapefiles right to the cab of your tractor or other tools

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About Sentera

Sentera is a leading supplier of integrated remote sensing and IoT solutions to the agriculture industry, making it easy for users to bring in-field data off the farm for further analysis. In a single growing season, Sentera’s equipment gathered over hundreds of terabytes of data from 8,000 flights. Sentera equipment has flown tens of millions of acres all over the world.