It’s not quite accurate to say that resource management is a balancing act. Why? Because our goal at Sentera is to tip the scales decidedly in your favor. The analysis you can do with data generated by our systems can help you make more informed decisions throughout the growing season and allocate resources more effectively.

An agronomist in Arizona describes a few scenarios around stand counts and the possibility of needing additional inputs. “If you have a planter malfunction, or the soil was too wet, too cold, or there was a germination problem, that immediately impacts what your field is capable of producing,” he explains. “So having stand count data as early in the season as possible is important. When you have that data, you can start estimating yield potential and making management decisions—should you put out fertilizer, or is the problem so bad that you need to replant certain areas—what’s the most economical decision?”

Weed pressure is another example. Do you need to invest in additional herbicide to control problem areas, and where exactly are those problem areas? Sentera FieldAgent® can generate weed counts from data collected by standard onboard RGB cameras, but a multifunction sensor can provide additional insights for a more in-depth view of farm health. The Sentera AGX710 even offers live streaming RGB and NDVI measurements so you can gauge field condition in real time.

Note that Sentera systems produce map layers in ready-for-export shapefile format (.SHP) which breaks fields into zones. If Field X has 10 zones, for instance, you can develop a prescription, push it to equipment and apply chemicals only to those areas that need them in specific amounts for better cost-efficiencies.

In the continual analysis of inputs and outputs, one fact remains a constant: faster fact gathering and more informed insights lead to better decisions for improving and maintaining farm health. Sentera offers complete solutions that will get you up and scouting in no time for taking in-season action.

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