The cold snap that recently hit much of the Cornbelt has caused a significant amount of justified concern throughout the agricultural community. While corn is fairly cold tolerant in its early growth stages, we all know that colder soil temperatures can cause delays in emergence which leave the seedling vulnerable to a host of stressors such as pests and soil disease.

Current spring weather conditions make it even more imperative that you get your stand counts right this year as yield loss from frosts, like the one we experienced last week, is associated with loss of stand rather than cosmetic leaf damage alone.

To assist you in streamlining your early season scouting efforts, our Sentera team has developed a notification product built to simplify your experience with our Stand Count Analytics tool. Stand Count Notifications from FieldAgent® help you monitor your fields so you don’t miss important scouting event that can have big implications for the rest of the season.

Stand Count Notifications are designed to let you know up to one week ahead of when your corn is likely to reach the V2 growth stage on a given field. This Notification sends an anticipated V2 date that will help you plan and prioritize scouting activities to make more informed early season decisions.

Watch the following video to learn more about this valuable feature of FieldAgent Notifications.