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What is OnTop?

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OnTop Features

The right picture, at the right site

OnTop captures when, where, and why you took a photo. Then it automatically assigns it to a site on your map and captures the type of asset in the photo.

Mobile + desktop, synced instantly

OnTop mobile collects location-aware, data-rich infrastructure inspection photography, which becomes instantly available on the desktops of your team.

Create standard inspection templates + tasks

Use the app to control how photography is collected. Create standard templates and ensure the right photography is taken at the right place.

Plays well with others

OnTop has an API interface that can sync with your existing enterprise tools, forms, and processes. OnTop can even import your existing photography collections.

OnTop is built for teams and sharing

Teams can share data, photos, and notes so everyone's computer stays in sync. Photos are instantly available to everyone the moment you capture them.

SLR-quality photos from your tablet or phone

Enhance your infrastructure inspection with 18MP photos at 10x optical zoom with an optional Sony QX-10 attachment.

Annotate photos, make notes and share

Share notes, annotations, and points of interest within your photos. They're easy to create and instantly available to your entire team.

Fast, friendly customer service

Call our live, tech support team anytime. We are committed to making OnTop an integral part of your business.

OnTop Desktop
OnTop Infrastructure Inspection | Sentera

Photography by place

Every picture is assigned to a site

Store + organize millions of photos with a convenient map display. Each pin shows you exactly where you have photography, and it’s searchable in every way. Because we leverage the data behind every photo, new images are automatically assigned to the correct site. With OnTop, you’ll always know exactly where and when your photos were taken.

OnTop Infrastructure Inspection | Sentera

Photography by time

Develop a complete photographic history of every site

Every time you photograph a site, it’s stored as a separate collection. It’s easy to track changes, measure progress and view historical records by location. Couple this with configurable data for every site, and you’ve got a complete infrastructure inspection tool at your fingertips.

OnTop Infrastructure Inspection | Sentera

Photography by type

Track photos by what’s in the frame

Sometimes you need to know what’s in the photo. Tag your photos and store them by type, class, or any other way that suits your needs. OnTop makes it simple to track specific assets across time.

Sentera Drone Software Images | Infrastructure Inspection Drones Software | Sentera | UAV + UAS + Sensors | Software Screenshots

Take notes + share

Add annotations to any photo and share with your team

Unlock the power of your infrastructure inspection image data through sharing with a single click. Easily email or export JPEGs, or use one of our API interfaces to integrate OnTop with your existing tools, programs, and processes. OnTop was designed specifically to integrate into other value streams, helping you amplify the efficiency you’re already creating.

OnTop Infrastructure Inspection | Sentera

Effortless cloud backup

Safe + Secure Storage

Cloud storage means your photos and data are safely and securely backed up. Our backup solutions are powered by Amazon and are 99.999% reliable.

OnTop Mobile

Context is key. OnTop mobile enables you to collect data-rich infrastructure inspection photography that is wrapped in contextual detail. Photos taken with OnTop can be tagged by asset class, are automatically assigned to the correct site, and uploaded automatically without ever touching a memory card.


OnTop mobile captures photography using your mobile device, and optionally pairs with a Sony QX-10 to produce 18MP images at 10x optical zoom.

Best Drone App + Data Management Software for Infrastructure Inspection | OnTop from Sentera

Inspection made easy

OnTop Mobile simplifies infrastructure inspection photography

Capture infrastructure inspection photography with OnTop Mobile and it instantly appears on your desktop client where it’s searchable, connected to your team and ready to support your business. OnTop Mobile collects, sorts and automatically uploads your inspection photography to the cloud, meaning you spend no time dealing with hundreds of infrastructure inspection photos.

Best Drone App + Data Management Software for Infrastructure Inspection | OnTop from Sentera

Asset Records + Maps

OnTop records the sites you visited and what assets you photographed

OnTop Mobile keeps track of where you’ve been and what you’ve shot. Photos are automatically mapped to the right site and stored by time and date. You can quickly and easily assign photos a type and label for later sorting and analysis.

Best Drone App + Data Management Software for Infrastructure Inspection | OnTop from Sentera

Automate inspections

Use standard tasks to collect the right photos

Assign photography tasks so that you get the same photography at every site. OnTop Mobile makes collecting a standard set of photography simple and frictionless. Create custom inspection templates, and use them at every site to speed your infrastructure inspection process. Your tasks appear in the desktop client where you can search and sort based upon the very same terms.

Mobile Infrastructure Inspection Photography | OnTop & OnTop Mobile from Sentera

Ultra-HD photography

Clear, precise images — every time

OnTop Mobile supports the Sony QX10 ultra-HD camera attachment. Clip the QX10 to your tablet or phone and instantly capture 18 megapixel photos at 10x optical zoom. No Sony camera? No problem. The app defaults to the camera on your mobile device.

OnTop Tiers
  • Software
    • Simple map view of all assets + related data
    • Annotate and identify points of interest within your collected images
    • View assets from other users**
    • Comment on images and assets from other users**
    • Identify points of interest on other users’ assets**
    • Matches imported photos with assets and locations
    • Sync with existing enterprise tools & processes with API interface
    • Collect on-the-ground photos with OnTop Mobile app
    • Generate standard templates
    • Instantly sync OnTop Mobile images with teams’ desktop platforms
    • Import existing photography collections
    • No internet needed to use in the field
    • Cloud back-up, sync and share space
    • Quickly share entire assets + data with anyone, anywhere in the world
    • Live tech support
    • Free software updates + access to webinars and continuing education

  • OnTop Free*

  • OnTop Mobile

  • OnTop Viewer**

  • OnTop Pro
    • 100 GB
    • Unlimited

* OnTop Free subscription available exclusively with purchase of a Sentera sensor
** Viewer subscription allows users to view asset data, as granted by data owner

OnTop Access
How do I add users to my account?

Just log in to your admin panel, navigate to “Licenses” and click “Assign License”. If you add more users than you currently have spots for in your plan, you’ll need to purchase extra users, then assign the licenses in the OnTop administrator panel.

What happens if I add or subtract users from my plan?

If you would like to increase or decrease the number of users associated with your account, you must first change your subscription in our store. To do this, login to your account at and make the appropriate edits.


If you increase the number of users, you may login to the application administrator view and simply allocate those licenses as you see fit, up to your purchased maximum.


If you decrease the number of users, you will receive a reminder email asking you to suspend the users you no longer wish to associate with your plan. If we don’t hear from you, access will be turned off on a first-in / last-out basis. For example, if you move from 5 to 3 users, the 2 users you’d set up most recently would have their access turned off. You may log in to your administrator view at any time to re-allocate these users within your maximum number.

Is there a limit to the number of users I can associate with my plan?

Nope! We can handle accounts of all sizes, ranging from single users to large corporations.

What if I cancel my account?

Each month of OnTop service is prepaid. If you cancel, automatic renewals will be turned off and you will not incur charges for the next billing period.


For example, if your free trial ends on October 15th, your credit card will be charged for the period of October 15th – November 15th. If you cancel sometime in that space, your account will not auto-renew, but you will have access to OnTop until November 15th.


We provide a 30-day grace period. If you cancel your account, you will retain access for the next 30-day billing period. We do this to give you an opportunity to export and download your data. We’re not in the business of holding data hostage; we’re the best way to display, sort, search and organize it.


If you cancel, your data will be preserved for a minimum of 30 days after the account cancellation. Customers may, at our option, receive notification prior to any data being deleted. Customers re-joining OnTop within 30 days will have full access to prior data.

What happens when my subscription expires? Does it expire?

All Sentera OnTop subscriptions renew automatically each month, so you don’t need to worry about subscription expiry. If your automatic payment fails, their subscription will be placed into the “on hold” category and you will receive an email to notify you of the payment failure. You can login and correct the payment issue to become active again at any time.


Data will be preserved for at least 30 days after the last unsuccessful attempt to bill. Customers will receive an email after their first payments fail, a personal follow up email from our support team, and a may receive a final warning before their data is deleted. Data deleted is unrecoverable.

How are sites created in OnTop?

There are a few ways that sites are created in OnTop, either through capturing data or manual entry.


We strongly recommend manually pre-loading your site list. Administrators may log in to the application’s administrator page and upload a list according to our standard format (a CSV file). If you do, pins will appear on the map at every one of these sites, fully populated with your correct information, and ready to begin accepting photography immediately. It’s the most reliable way to make sure things show up in the right places.


If you visit a new site and capture data with the app, a new site will be created automatically at that location (based on the GPS information from your mobile device). The app will recognize that no one from your team has visited the site, and will ask you to input a set of minimum information about the site. From then on, every time you visit that site again, new data collections will appear with different times and dates at that location. You may wish to login to the admin panel and verify the sites appear at the correct GPS location. Tablet GPS data is never perfect.


If you import drone imagery, or any other geo-tagged imagery using the Import function, sites will automatically be created at the places you visited. You can then edit the information associated with those sites as necessary in the admin panel.

How does OnTop sync images across my entire team?

First, some definitions. We use the term “sync” to mean that high-resolution copies of your data are available locally on your client desktop. If things are synced, it means that data is available whether you’re connected to the internet or not.


For users with less than 50 sites under management, every image for every tower is automatically synced to every user.


For users with over 50 sites under management, the first 50 sites with most recent activity will be automatically synced. The remaining sites are securely backed up in the cloud and synced “on-demand”, meaning they’ll only be freshly downloaded if you view the site’s data. We don’t automatically sync older sites to preserve bandwidth for both of us.

Does OnTop work without an internet connection?

Yes! OnTop mobile works seamlessly without a data connection and simply uploads your inspection photography when WiFi or a data connection is present. The OnTop desktop client also works without an internet connection and will display whatever images and data has been synced with that particular computer.

Does OnTop work without GPS?

No. OnTop requires you to have location services enabled on your device, along with a valid GPS fix in order to start inspections or take photos. We do this so we can guarantee exactly where and when your pictures were taken, and make sure they are assigned to the correct site on the desktop.


Sometimes you’ll notice other apps will show your location but OnTop will still ask for a valid GPS fix. Other apps use WiFi and cellular triangulation to roughly determine your position. We don’t allow this in OnTop because of its low precision and lack of a synchronized clock (such as GPS).

What types of cameras can I use with OnTop?

We strongly recommend collecting all data with the OnTop mobile app because of the ability to correctly tag, locate and synchronize photos. If you’d like to use a GPS-enabled digital camera and the manual import feature, please contact us at to verify compatibility. Generally speaking, it will be supported, but please verify with us first so we can help you have a great experience. We test with the Nikon family of GPS-enabled cameras and find them to work quite well; however again, we strongly prefer the app for the rich context and location features it provides.

How are manually imported photos tagged?

They aren’t! Use the app for all photography on the ground to tag the image and keep it synced with your desktop client. Photos imported manually from a GPS-enabled digital camera are untagged, and will be appear as type “untagged” in the desktop client.

Does OnTop support drone photos? How do I import them?

Yes! OnTop was born from drones and the problems arising from keeping drone photos neat and organized.


We fully support aerial imagery from all of the most popular platforms such as the DJI Inspire, Phantom II, Phantom III. Most any drone photo can be imported so long as the drone recorded the appropriate EXIF data including GPS position, altitude and time. If you’re unsure your platform meets these requirements, send a note to


To import drone photos, simply click the “import” button in the desktop client and follow the on-screen prompts. You will be asked to navigate to the folder containing the photos, so make sure they’re already on your computer or the drone’s memory card is inserted into your computer.


Complete the import process and you’ll find that your sites are now populated with your drone photography, sorted by date and time. Drone photos will appear with the tag “Aerial” in OnTop.

What are the OnTop system requirements?

OnTop runs on most any Windows PC, provided it’s running Windows 7, 8 or 10.



Android: AndroidOS version 4.4 or later. We strongly recommend the Samsung Galaxy and Google Nexus series of devices for best compatibility.

iOS: Requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

What mobile platforms do you support?

For now, OnTop runs on Windows desktops, and the mobile app runs on both Android and iOS devices.

Can I private-label Sentera OnTop for my business?

Yes. Please get in touch with us via email ( or phone (1-844-SENTERA) to discuss.

Can I become a reseller of the OnTop platform?

We have strategic partners who have become licensed distributors of our software. If you believe you’d be a good fit for the Sentera re-selling team, please contact us at

Is there any fine print?

Yes. We want to be honest and upfront about our policies surrounding use, your data, and your privacy.


First, every user comes with 100GB of data storage attached to their account, and organizations share that data among the whole team. If you have an account with 7 users, you get 700GB of storage. If you need more, we can set you up, just call or email More storage isn’t free, but it’s cheap. We’ll get you squared away.


We cap monthly bandwidth at 100GB/user. Again, bandwidth is shared across accounts with multiple users. For most people, that is 10x the amount they’ll need every month, but there are people who will float higher from time to time. We do this so we can keep costs low for everyone, and again, more is available if you need it. Just get in touch with


Your data is your data and won’t be sold or used in any way. We do use OnTop’s database in aggregate to understand how people are using the tools and make them better, market better, but we never use data that’s personally identifiable or specific to you.


We will not view or download your images. Possible exceptions to this might be cases where we’re trying to debug an issue, resolve a tech support ticket, or answer a question for you.


We do monitor usage levels and we may send you a note if we notice you haven’t logged in, loaded many images, or used the software much to see if there’s anything we can do to help you get the most out of OnTop. We do this to provide our customers with a great experience and offer high quality service.