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Find links to key resources about each of our products below. This includes spec sheets, webinars, and other assets that may be useful for your prospects and customers as they choose the ideal technology solution for their needs. More hardware-agnostic webinars, blogs, and downloadable content can be found on the Sentera Resources page.

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Single Sensor

Sentera High-Precision Single Sensor

Generate more accurate vegetation index measurements 

The High-Precision Single Sensor is designed to capture measurements related to crop health, maturity, and vigor.

  • Capture key measurements for crop health. Clearly understand how your fields are performing with the ability to capture data related to crop health, maturity, and vigor.  
  • Get more precise multispectral images. Go beyond NDVI and NDRE imagery that you can capture via satellite to get more precise data for analysis.  

The Sentera High-Precision Single Sensor is available in two models: 

  • High-Precision NDVI, which measures normalized difference vegetation index 
  • High-Precision NDRE, which measures normalized difference vegetation red edge 

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Double 4K

Sentera Double 4K Sensor

Capture detailed multispectral imagery for more precise crop health data 

The Sentera Double 4K Sensor is the most versatile sensor for crop performance analytics, capturing aerial imagery that can be turned into detailed analytics.

  • Capture aerial imagery to get more precise analytics. With the ability to tailor your Double 4k Sensor to your needs, get detailed multispectral imagery to turn into more precise measurements and analytics.  
  • Choose the drone that works best for your needs. The Double 4K Sensor is compatible with many drones, including the Sentera PHX and drones from DJI.  

The Double 4K Sensor is available in four models:  

  • Ag+: The Double 4K Ag+ Sensor captures RGB and NDVI multispectral imagery.
  • Analytics: With the ability to capture zoom RGB and NDVI multispectral imagery, the Double 4k Analytics is the most versatile variation of the Double 4K for customers
  • Multispectral: The Double 4K Multispectral sensor captures 5-band multispectral mapping in addition to Red + Green + Blue, and Red Edge + NIR (NDRE)
    NDVI/NDRE: Focused on capturing multispectral imagery to indicate crop health measurements, the Double 4K NDVI/NDRE captures Red + NIR (NDVI), and Red Edge + NIR (NDRE) imagery.  
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      6X Sensor

      Get fast-frame rate performance and high radiometric accuracy  

      Designed to meet the most demanding research and data sciences requirements, the 6X Sensor from Sentera features 5 simultaneously-triggered precision-filtered 3.2MP global-shutter images, and one 20.1MP RGB imagers. Each has a dedicated, high-quality optical path to produce eight channels of image data.  

      • Get science-grade multispectral imagery. With eight channels of image data, get fast-frame rate performance combined with high radiometric accuracy for more advanced imagery.  
      • Augment analysis with fast data delivery. Accelerated post-processing operations streamline workflows to get actionable data faster – so you can get the best of both worlds: science-grade data with timely delivery. 
      • Extend optics with pixel-level temperature measurement. Choose our 6X Thermal Sensor to get pixel-level temperature measurement across all images in their entirety.  

      The 6X is available in two models:

      • 6X Multispectral, which brings fast capture rates and outstanding optics to market
      • 6X Thermal, which provides a pixel-level temperature measurement across the entire image for detailed crop health analysis. 
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      The 65R Sensor from Sentera

      Maximize pixel coverage with an ultra-high-resolution sensor 

      The Sentera 65R is the first ultra-high-resolution precision sensor built from the ground up for seamless integration with drone systems, including RTK systems.  

      • Maximize UAV mission success while capturing the sharpest aerial imagery. The 65R Sensor is the first ultra-high-resolution sensor designed specifically from the ground up for drone integration.
      • Capture more data in less time. With a ground sampling distance of 0.3cm/pixel, improve efficiency and reduce errors with by capturing more pixels per image – resulting in fewer images captured faster. 
      • Pair our ultra-high resolution global shutter with small drone systems. Optimized interfaces seamlessly integrate the 65R into small drones, including integration with RTK systems. 
      • Accelerate productivity with a sensor built for endurance. A smaller overall footprint for the 65R means that you can fly longer, getting more done in less time. 
      • Trust in more precise, accurate aerial data. Relying on a camera built by aerial-imagery experts means you can rely on the resulting pixel data for deeper analysis and insights.  

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      PHX Drone

      Sentera High-Precision Single Sensor

      Scout more acres and capture more data 

      The PHX is the industry’s leading fixed-wing drone to capture aerial imagery across more acres. In fact, the PHX can cover 3x more acres than other vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) drones.   

      • Cover more acres in less time. Effortlessly cover more acres with fewer resources, bringing accuracy and time savings to the field.  
      • Get started with an easy-to-use drone. With seamless integrations with Sentera’s FieldAgent platform and easy connection with Double 4K sensors, eliminate the hassle of learning complicated software and hardware to capture data.  
      • Capture accurate data to power critical decisions. Transform aerial imagery captured by the PHX and Double 4K Sensor into analytics to validate performance and outcomes. 


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