Permanent Crop Manager by FieldAgent™

Supporting Decisions in Permanent Agriculture

Permanent Crop Manager by FieldAgent™ delivers investors, advisors, managers and producers with holistic, historic and real-time production information of crop health needed to increase operational efficiency and make informed management decisions from anywhere in the world.

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Platform Benefits

Enabling Proactive Management

The insights delivered by Permanent Crop Manager allow users to streamline operations by interacting with multiple data layers which directly correlate to economic performance. Citrus, nuts, grapes and stone fruit producers will benefit with the use of Sentera’s Permanent Crop Manager.
Leveraging this data provides insights and reporting tools that can be used for earlier yield projections, insurance counts and claims, bloom progression and pollination deployment, investment analysis, contract compliance, investment relations and reporting, regulatory compliance, harvest planning & labor management, irrigation logistics, inputs analysis, sustainability reporting and more.

More Informed Decisions

Permanent Crop Manager produces greater insights at the individual plant level which can be aggregated for multiple management and reporting tasks for comprehensive evaluation of plants, blocks, farms & entire operations.

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