DJI Phantom 4 Double 4K Upgrade – Upgrade Only


Transform your Phantom 4 Drone into crop health data collecting machine.

Our Phantom 4 Double 4K Upgrade is completely configurable, putting a myriad of crop health data points at your fingertips – all without compromising the existing DJI stock camera. Good decisions are based on precise, reliable data. And, the Phantom 4 Double 4K Upgrade offers several different variants to ensure precise data is captured in every frame, on every flight. The Double 4K Sensor easily integrates onto a DJI Phantom 4 Professional, Advanced, or Standard drone, expanding your drone’s precision ag potential.

For Phantom 4, the Double 4K Sensor is offered in two different configurations:

  • Double 4K Precision NDVI + Precision NDRE
  • Double 4K 5-band Multispectral

Getting this set-up is easy. Once you place your order, we will contact you to coordinate the shipment of your Phantom 4 Professional, Advanced, or Standard to us for modification. The Double 4K is configured to your specifications at checkout, ensuring you capture the crop health data you need for your unique application.

Click here to review the Phantom 4 Double 4K Upgrade datasheet.

Use FieldAgent mobile and desktop solution to fly your DJI Phantom drone, produce NDVI crop health maps, store, organize, and leverage data!

If you don’t have a Phantom 4 series drone, you may buy one already upgraded!

*Upgrading the DJI Phantom 4 drone with a Double 4K sensor nullifies the DJI manufacturer warranty.

Orders with a billing or shipping address outside of the United States should contact Sentera to place an order and make payment via electronic funds transfer. Contact Sentera with questions.

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