Incident Light Sensor


Gather more precise plant health data with the Incident Light Sensor

For several years, research customers have used the Sentera Incident Light Sensor (ILS) to measure the color spectrum of incident light from the sun. Now these capabilities have been seamlessly integrated into Sentera’s sensors and FieldAgent™ software, making it easy for agronomists, crop consultants, and growers to accurately compare images of the same area, captured over time and in different lighting conditions.

Make more accurate input decisions

Calculating absolute vegetation health regardless of cloud cover or timing lets the user focus on results and make in-field decisions with more accurate data.

The ILS compensates for common environmental factors including shifting clouds, haze, and fluctuating solar intensity. Normalizing these changes helps users more accurately identify stressed, or troubled areas of a field, allowing them to make more accurate input decisions.

Remarkable dataset comparisons

Capturing NDVI imagery with Sentera’s Incident Light Sensor provides users with remarkable data set comparisons. Every pixel of NDVI data flows seamlessly into Sentera’s FieldAgent software for in-field action while seamlessly flowing off the farm as needed.


Sentera’s Incident Light Sensor is compatible with new or existing NDVI-Upgraded DJI Phantom 4 and Phantom 3 drones.

Dimensions: 30mm x 23mm x 18mm (1.2” x 0.9” x 0.7”)

Click here for Incident Light Sensor datasheet

To determine which Incident Light Sensor you should order, locate the Sentera P/N on the Green Sentera NDVI Single Sensor installed on your Phantom drone and select the corresponding Incident Light Sensor below.

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