M200 Ag Complete Crop Scouting Kit

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The M200 Ag Crop Scouting Kit bundles DJI’s enterprise drone series with the precise high-precision AGX710 gimbaled agriculture sensor, putting a highly reliable, precise, and sophisticated yet easy-to-use crop-scouting tool in the hands of any ag professional.

Our AGX710 gimbaled sensor flawlessly integrates onto the proven DJI Matrice 200 drone series. Powered by DJI SKYPORT, the AGX710 offers plug-and-play integration with the DJI M200 drone. The AGX710 sensor delivers live-streaming video and still image download capabilities. Maintain complete gimbal and camera control directly from the M200 controller. It’s never been easier or simpler to access real-time crop health information and take prescriptive action.

Available data capture configurations:
  • AGX710 RGB + NDVI Sensor with Plug & Play Gimbal Mount
  • AGX710 NDVI + NDRE Sensor with Plug & Play Gimbal Mount
  • AGX710 5-band Multispectral Sensor with Plug & Play Gimbal Mount
  • AGX710 Weed Mapper Sensor with Plug & Play Gimbal Mount
  • AGX710 RE Analytics Sensor with Plug & Play Gimbal Mount
Seamless integration with FieldAgent software

Use FieldAgent mobile and desktop solution to fly your DJI M200 drone, produce NDVI crop health maps, run analytics, support in-field decisions, and leverage data — all without an internet connection! All your critical AGX710 data imports directly into the Sentera FieldAgent™ platform, where advanced analytics tools provide rich crop health insights such as stand and emergence, variability, biomass, nutrition, pest, weed, disease and more.

As part of the M200 Complete Ag Solution, Sentera includes a total of 4 batteries to support FieldAgent’s battery swap feature, assisting growers in scouting more acres.


(1) DJI Matrice 200 quad-rotor drone
(1) Sentera AGX710 gimbaled sensor – in your preferred configuration
(1) Hand controller
(4) High-capacity batteries
(1) Battery charger
(1) Charging hub
(4) Pairs of propellers
(1) Hard-sided case

Integrating the AGX710 Gimbaled Sensor does not impact the manufacturer’s warranty.

AGX710 Sensor specs:

View the AGX710 data sheet. Or, check out the AGX710 product page.

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