DJI Phantom 4 Series Micro Gimbal Upgrade Only


Brushless Micro Gimbal Upgrade for NDVI or NDRE Single Sensor

Boosting acres-per-hour coverage by 40%, this miniature high-speed brushless gimbal has been developed specifically for Sentera Single sensors and seamlessly integrated on DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 equipment. Integrated with the Sentera FieldAgentTM software, the system also wirelessly configures the sensor and improves data quality. This all means it is easier than ever to increase your acres-per-hour productivity, collecting valuable data and run analytics, which allows you to make in-season decisions and take in-season action.

The gimbal’s integrated Bluetooth bridge to the sensor allows you to change or verify overlap settings, and check SD card free capacity. Configuration is faster and less error-prone.

The Sentera Brushless Micro Gimbal Upgrade for a Single Sensor on the Phantom 4 Drone Series helps compensate for drone pitch and roll so that the Single captures imagery closer to a straight-down (nadir) position during crop scouting missions. The Micro Gimbal Upgrade will help you collect more uniform normalized difference vegetative index (NDVI) or normalized difference red edge (NDRE) data across a wider range of operating and environmental conditions.

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One of Sentera’s professional technicians can quickly upgrade your existing DJI Phantom 4 Drone Series to collect NDVI or NDRE data. Simply send your drone to Sentera and we’ll handle the rest. In a matter of days, your drone will be returned for your use.


  • This is for the gimbal only and does not include a sensor or drone.  
  • Upgrading any Phantom drone with the NDVI or NDRE sensor nullifies the DJI manufacturer warranty.
  • Orders with a billing or shipping address outside of the United States should contact Sentera to place an order and make payment via electronic funds transfer. Contact Sentera with questions.
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