Phantom 3 Professional with Sentera NDVI SensorTrue NDVI from Sentera

Phantom Series NDVI Upgrade – Upgrade Only



Transform your Phantom into a precision agriculture farm drone.


Our low-cost upgrade allows your Phantom to provide TrueNDVI™ crop health data, without compromising the existing camera. Our kit integrates a 1.2MP NIR global shutter camera alongside your existing Phantom camera, so you get the best of both worlds — a fully gimbaled color camera for scouting and NIR photos for NDVI. Photos are geo-tagged and timestamped to enable quick, streamlined field scouting and identification of problem areas.


  • Photos are suitable for stitching with your favorite tool — or send us note and we can create an orthomosaic for you!
  • Includes free version of our AgVault Software to produce NDVI, store + organize data


*Must ship your Phantom to us for modification. Don’t have a Phantom series drone? Buy one already upgraded!


*Upgrading a Phantom 4 Pro, Phantom 4, Phantom 3 Professional, or Phantom 3 Advanced drone with the NDVI sensor nullifies the DJI manufacturer warranty.


Order now for the 2017 growing season!

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