Sentera PHX Spare Parts Kit
Sentera PHX Spare Body CoverSentera PHX Spare Leading EdgeSentera PHX Pitot Tube and TubingSentera PHX MotorSentera PHX PropellersSentera PHX Wing Spar

PHX Spare Parts Kit


PHX Spare Parts Kit

With this complete kit, you’ll have everything needed to have successful PHX  flights.

Included in this kit are the following components:

(1) Replacement fuselage cover
(1) Set of leading edge covers
(1) Wing spar joiner
(1) Pitot kit assembly with 3 meters of tubing
(1) Pair of propellers
(1) Motor assembly
(1) Spinner cone
(1) Hardware kit (screws, nuts, washers)
(1) Steel wire parts kit
(1) Servo cover set

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