Sentera Double 4K Sensor
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Sentera Double 4K Inspection Sensor


Sentera Double 4K Inspection Sensor

The rugged Sentera Double 4K inspection sensor is designed with no moving parts, with the optional quick-release 2D gimbal mount. The Double 4K uses a wide-angle field of view (FOV) lens to audit a structure, and a magnified narrow FOV lens to instantly see 12 MP of detail.

Sentera’s Double 4K inspection sensor streamlines data collection by providing a wide-angle FOV ideal for auditing a structure’s overall condition and the capability to zoom in using the second, magnified narrow FOV lens. These paired, configurable sensors eliminate the need for a second drone flight or a physical climb to assess a potential issue.


  • Simultaneous capture of wide-angle FOV and magnified narrow FOV imagery
  • Expedites imagery download utilizing enhanced processor
  • Easily modified to advance with industry technologies
  • Captures 4K ultra high-definition video
  • Seamlessly integrates with FieldAgent Platform


  • Electronic video stabilization: available
  • Data Capture:
    • 12MP stills, up to 3fps
    • 4K video @ 30fps*
  • Field of view:
    • 4K Image/video ranges 15°-60° HFOV
    • 1080p ranges 7.5°-60° HFOV
  • Interfaces: Ethernet + serial interfaces
  • Power: 8W typical / 12W maximum
  • Dimensions: 59mm x 40.9mm x 44.5mm
  • Weight: 80 grams

Included with every sensor purchase is a 1-yr license for the FieldAgent Platform.

Purchase the Double 4K and we’ll configure + install it for you

Simply ship your drone to Sentera, our expert engineers will install and configure your Double 4K and ship your upgraded drone back to you!

Orders with a billing or shipping address outside of the United States should contact Sentera to place an order and make payment via electronic funds transfer. Contact Sentera at

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