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Sentera PHX Complete System


The Sentera PHX is a highly-reliable, easy-to-use, hand-launched, and versatile fixed-wing drone that can expertly cover expansive acres, providing users with the precise data needed to make informed decisions. With a cruise speed of 35mph and up to a 59-minute endurance, the PHX is capable of covering broad areas that other drones of the same size cannot.

Leverage the PHX RTK variant to achieve sub-5cm and better accuracy on orthomosaics and 3D mapping and modeling products. Achieve this without the need for surveyed ground control points or time-consuming post-processing of the GPS data. An ideal solution for survey, agriculture, and mapping customers who need to reliably – and quickly – capture precision data, the dual-band RTK payload delivers true L1/L2, multi-constellation RTK to the PHX. Sentera’s latest offering shatters the cost barrier for industrial-grade, dual-frequency RTK-enabled image collection.

Add an additional sensor to your solution and increase your data collection capabilities!

In a single flight, the PHX can collect data from 700 acres and is the best-value fixed-wing drone available today.

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Available in two variants to support the precision agriculture and survey & mapping industries:

Sentera PHX Pro

Agriculture and Mapping

  • Quickly collects 12MP high-resolution color and near-infrared (NIR) stills, producing incredible normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) imagery, assisting in identifying stressed areas of a field, measuring overall crop health
  • Streams 1080p, 720p live video to the ground, with optional LiveNDVI™ capabilities
  • Accurately helps users address fertilizer, pesticide, and herbicide needs based on real-time data
  • Increased operational efficiencies by permitting operators to capture RGB, NIR, NDVI, and NDRE imagery in a single flight
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sentera FieldAgent™ web, mobile, and desktop software to further augment efficiencies
  • Option to add a Thermal Sensor to gather additional data such as irrigation insights and plant and soil temperatures

(1) Sentera Double 4K Sensor
(1) Sentera ground control software
(1) Ground data link
(2) Batteries
(1) Battery charger
(1) Hard-sided case

Sentera PHX RTK

Advanced Precision Ag, and Survey & Mapping

  • Delivers true L1/L2, multi-constellation RTK
  • Offers survey, agriculture, and mapping users sub-5cm and better accuracy on orthomosaics and 3D mapping and modeling products
  • Simplifies workflow
  • Reliably and automatically stamps precise capture information into every photo as it is captured
  • Increased operational efficiencies by capturing remarkably high-resolution imagery in a single flight
  • Integrates seamlessly with Sentera FieldAgent web, mobile, and desktop software to further augment efficiencies

(1) Sentera Dual-band, L1/L2 RTK Precision Payload
(1) Sentera ground control software
(1) Ground data link
(2) Batteries
(1) Battery charger
(1) Hard-sided case

Orders with a billing or shipping address outside of the United States should contact Sentera to place an order and make payment via electronic funds transfer. Contact Sentera with questions.

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