Scout More Acres. Capture More Data.

Collect aerial imagery of your crops to understand performance, helping to inform boots-on-the-ground scouting and powering faster agronomic decisions.


High-endurance drone designed to capture aerial imagery across more acres

In-season Crop Health Analysis
Disease Identification
Aerial Scouting
Seed Production
Input Optimization
Yield & Outcomes Forecasting
“With the PHX, I can cover more ground, faster. Thousands of acres are captured much faster than other methods, all without sacrificing the quality of the imagery.” 
– Colby Woods, Woods Ag Services 

Cover More Acres in Less Time

Effortlessly cover more acres with fewer resources, bringing accuracy and time savings to the field.  

PHX capturing data
PHX is easy to launch

Get Started with an Easy-to-Use Drone

Assemble the drone in a matter of minutes and use Fly PHX for flight planning and mission control. With unprecedented endurance, the PHX does the work for you 

Capture Accurate Data to Power Critical Decisions

Transform aerial imagery captured by the PHX and Double 4K Sensor into analytics to validate performance and outcomes

Analyze data at the field edge


A Deeper Look into the PHX

    • Aircraft weight (no payload) of 4.2 lbs (1.9 kg) 
    • Cruise speed of 35 mph (15.5 m/s) with a max speed of 55 mph (24.5 m/s)   
    • Wind limit of up to 28 mph (12.5 m/s) winds aloft 
    • Typical operating altitude at 150 to 400 ft above ground level (AGL)  
    • Payloads include the Sentera Double 4K and other MAVlink capable sensors 
    • Up to 59 minutes of flight time  
    • Live HD video capture 

Get Started with the PHX