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Let us do the flying for you

With more than 250 trained pilots around the world, our experienced Flight Services team can capture imagery for you.

DJI M300 Double 4K
Trained Pilots

250+ trained pilots worldwide

Countries Served

15+ countries served

acres captured

Over 1 million acres captured

Successful Missions

98%+ mission success

We capture the data, so you can focus on analyzing and validating outcomes.


Our Flight Services team boasts extensive experience in flying drones, capturing aerial imagery, and processing data to turn into analytics for detailed analysis. Short on time or resources? Let us do the flying for you – giving you the opportunity to focus your time where it matters most: making critical agronomic decisions.

Capture Agronomic Data

Automate Data Capture

Leverage our team of certified remote pilots, who are trained to focus on capturing timely imagery to generate accurate insights.

Trust in Our Deep Experience

Our team has established operations and procedures, and has completed UAV flight safety and WPS agricultural safety programs.

Fly PHX App

Guarantee a Successful Mission

Take the guesswork out of getting the aerial imagery you need by relying on a team that has a 98%+ mission success for customers around the world.

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