Introducing Our Ultra-High-Resolution Sensor

Designed for Seamless Drone Integration

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Maximize UAV mission success

Sentera’s 65MP sensor is designed to get the sharpest imagery while accelerating productivity and improving efficiency.

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Trust in More Precise, Accurate Aerial Data

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Seamless Drone Integration

We’ve been in the drone and sensor business for a long time, so when we built the 65R, we prioritized seamless integration with drone systems.

The result? Optimized interfaces seamlessly integrate the 65R into drone platforms, including integration with RTK systems 

65R Sensor from Sentera

Sharper Images + More Endurance

With a ultra-high-resolution aerial sensor, get the sharpest aerial imagery without sacrificing quality — meaning that you get more precise and accurate data to analyze for deeper insights. 

Let’s partner to maximize UAV success.