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65R Sensor

Maximize pixel coverage with an ultra-high-resolution sensor

Sentera 65R

Global Shutter

Fast Frame Rate:
3FPS Continuous

DJI Skyport and
MAVLink Compatible

Minimum Size
and Weight

Faster Data Collection, More Precise Analytics

With an ultra-high-resolution aerial sensor, capture more imagery, faster. The result? Turn-key data points into actionable insights with Sentera.

65R Sensor on a DJI M300 drone in the field

Designed for Seamless Drone Integration 

We’ve been in the drone and sensor business for a long time, so when we built the 65R, we prioritized seamless integration with drone systems.   

The result? Optimized interfaces seamlessly integrate the 65R into drone platforms, including integration with RTK systems.

Unlock Precision at the Field’s Edge

 With the ability to integrate the 65R with the DGR System, capture more pixels at a faster rate to unlock endurance and efficiency without sacrificing data quality. The DGR System adds high-precision location certainty to high-resolution aerial imagery, increasing project efficiency by 3x.

Maximize UAV Mission Success

The 65R Sensor from Sentera is the first ultra-high-resolution sensor designed specifically from the ground up for drone integration, including with RTK systems. 

Sentera 65R System

Capture More Data, Faster

With a ground sampling distance of 0.3cm/pixel, improve efficiency and reduce errors by capturing more pixels per image. 

Trust in More Accurate Data

Relying on a camera built by aerial-imagery experts means you can rely on the resulting pixel data for deeper analysis and insights.  

Download Sample Datasets

Get a preview of the ultra-high-resolution aerial imagery you can capture with the 65R

Sample Data Subset

Full Orthomosaic

Full Data Set

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