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Designed with Precision.

Delivering unique customer-specific designs with custom cameras and systems.

More than 100 years of sensor design experience.

We’ve fielded sensor systems to withstand the most demanding military environments and provide difficult-to-obtain data products and now focus on building custom precision sensor solutions for agribusiness and crop production.


9 Band, Sentinel 2B Replica

This customer contacted us as they wanted to create a remote sensing system that could collect photographs from a drone that would accurately replicate nine spectral bands present on the Sentinel 2B satellite.

The final solution leveraged our Sentera Single Sensor hardware for the VIS-NIR bands, along with a precisely filtered SWIR camera core. The final sensor package was then integrated one a three-axis gimbal and attached to a DJI M600 enterprise drone.


5MP Quad Sensor

This customer contacted us with aggressive remote sensing demands. Specifically, they required a four-band multispectral camera capable of capturing all bands at a 5 Hz synchronized capture rate. The sensor needed to be global shutter, 5MP resolution minimum, with a ground sample distance (GSD) of less than 1cm at 200’ altitude, while meeting size, weight and environmental constraints.

We provided a custom sensor solution that leveraged many of the architectural and design elements present in our 6X Multispectral sensor. The sensor met all requirements: Sporting four 2/3”IMX265 monochrome global shutter sensors, a Xilinx Zynq FPGA, a 500GB solid state drive, and high-quality optics and filters. This sensor has been flown on DJI M300 and M600 systems.

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