Aerial NDVI & NDRE

Capture detailed vegetative measurements with the High-Precision Single Sensor from Sentera, which seamlessly integrates with DJI Phantom and Mavic drones.

Key features:

  • 1.2MP CMOS with ground sample distance of 5.5cm/pixel
  • Global shutter optimized for aerial image capture
  • Compatible with PIXHAWK™ Autopilot and MAVLink™-based systems 


Sentera High-Precision Single Sensor

Sentera Single Sensors are compact, lightweight and effective. 

Available on the Sentera Store


Phantom with Single Sensor


Sentera Single Sensor

Why Drone Imagery?

NDVI and NDRE indices can be captured via satellite or drone, so what’s the difference? Why should you choose one over the other? 

Sentera Single Sensor on the DJI Phantom
NDVI Mosaic in FieldAgent


As the most common multispectral indices for vegetative mapping, knowing whether to rely on NDVI or NDRE can be confusing. Depending on your goals and use cases, each offers distinct benefits.  

Not Sure?

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